Cut-outs can be used to add Cat & Dog flaps or ventilation fans for the kitchen or bathroom etc.


Getting a hole put into a double-glazed unit isn’t as straightforward as turning up and cutting out a hole.

You would need to start from scratch and have a new double glazed unit made to measure with the right size cut-out.

This will be a new sealed unit with the same spacerbar used for the sides of the glass around the cut-out. (see picture below before a cat flap was installed).


Adding any size cut-out into a door panel is as simple as turning up and cutting out the hole.

If a cat flap is going into an existing panel, then this is a charged at £40 per cut-out and install.

If a new panel is needed then I would need to get a quote for a new panel from my supplier and this would then be added to the £40 install charge.